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Gus Szamboti

c. mid 80s

this may not be the fanciest Szamboti but it may be the rarest, authenticated by Barry Szamboti as the only jump cue Gus ever made, four point rosewood full splice house cue, 3/8" x 10 flat face joint, Penn white w/ green speck linen wrap, Hoppe style butt plate, 100% original including the tip, very good condition  42.4"/12.9oz  one shaft 13.6mm very stiff taper ivory ferrule

$5900  Q1636


early 70s

four points cocobolo and cocobolo after wrap (some of the prettiest wood I have seen in a Titlist) black leather wrap, brass joint, decals still intact but not perfect, excellent condition, previously owned by artistic billiards world champion & Mexican 3-cushion champion Roberto Rojas  56"/17.7oz  one shaft 11.75mm billiard taper & ferrule

$950  ~  Q1248


c. 1950s

Brunswick Balke Collender  ~  Tru Balance Snooker, maple and rosewood finger jointed cue, brass piloted joint, gold w/ green border decal in perfect condition, mint condition  60"/16oz  one shaft 12.2mm black ferrule

  $650  Q1039


circa 40s

Brunswick Balke Collender  Tru Balance, one piece cue, various woods, three available

$200  ~  Q1644


circa 50s

Brunswick Balke Collender  Tru Balance, one piece cue, new old stock, various woods & weights, four available

$200  ~  Q1643


circa 1970

Titlist  ~  Willie Hoppe, one piece, new old stock cues, bright vibrant veneer colors, excellent for conversion or collection, three available

$600  ~  Q1642


c. 30s

Brunswick Balke Collender, one piece cue (four available), very good original condition, nice decals

$200  ~  Q1788


c. 50s

Brunswick Balke Collender  Tru Balance Snooker, one piece cue in excellent original condition  ~  60"/12oz

$300  ~  Q1787


circa 50s

Brunswick Balke Collender  ~  Challenger, one piece house cue, excellent original condition  57"/16oz

$150  ~  Q1024

Bob Meucci


#1 of ten cues commemorating the 20th U.S. Open 9 Ball Championship, cue made for promoter Barry Behrman, autographed on the shaft by Reed Pierce, winner of the 20th US Open 9 Ball Championship  ~  58"/19.5oz  ~  one shaft

$1900  Q1735


c. 1964

made for 'Gentleman' Gene Clifford, pool and billiard instructor and exhibitionist, Titlist conversion w/ mother of pearl diamonds & dots, clear window with gold label w/ Mr. Clifford's name, well used original condition (wrap has been replaced)  ~  57"/19.8oz  ~   two original shafts one w/ screw on ivory ferrule 12.6mm the other is 1.5" shorter 12.5mm

$1900  ~  Q1132